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Текуће активности Конференције IWA Specialist Belgrade Groundwater Conference 2016
IWA Specialist Belgrade Groundwater Conference 2016 ПДФ Штампа Ел. пошта




Water is the very essence of life on our planet. It constitutes 70% of our body. It is also one of the fundamental archetypes that define our existence and the state of our civilization. Sustainable management of natural resources, including surface water and groundwater, is a global necessity, which requires prudent management within watersheds and entire countries, for the benefit of each individual.

The relatively modest UN Millennium Development Goals related to progress in the areas of drinking water supply and sanitation until the year 2015 have not been achieved. We now have a new set of objectives ahead of us, as discussed at the 7th World Water Forum (Daegu, Korea, April 2015)

Pressures on water resources
We are living in a time of strong pressures and contrasts, which threaten the continuation and development of the human society. Climate conditions, climate change, and social, economic and political pressures and disparities lead to crisis situations in social and economic spheres and in the area of sustainable use of water resources.

In ongoing circumstances, sustainable management is the promoted goal which the human society needs to attain. However, the success of achieving set objectives in the field of water is presently often relatively modest. Sustainable development of water management requires us to reach the needed level of scientific and technical knowledge, capacity, funding, and governance in general.

Groundwater is a crucial resource, as the basis of natural habitats, drinking water supply and irrigation. The goal is to attain sustainable groundwater management. The proposed topics of the Conference will virtually cover all of the scientific and technical knowledge in this field. The Conference is also expected to address very important issues and solutions relating to groundwater management.

The Conference will be the third IWA conference to be held in Belgrade (2007, 2011 and 2016), and will thus become traditional. It will also be held under the auspices of UNESCO - IHP, the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, IAH, the Serbian Water Pollution Control Society, and IAWD, and organized by the WSDAC Center and Jaroslav Černi Institute for the Development of Water Resources. We trust that this Conference, similar to the previous two, will be a significant contributor to improved groundwater management and the advancement of science in this field.


Conference Topics

The Conference would address:

  1. Groundwater Management
  2. Alluvial Aquifers
  3. Karst
  4. Innovative Technologies


The working language of the Symposium is English.
 Supporting Organizations
 SANU logo Serbian Academy of
Sciences and Arts
 Vlada Srbije logo Government of the Republic
of Serbia Ministry of
Education, Science and
Technological Development
 UNESCO logo United Nations
Scientific and
Cultular Organisation
 IAH logo The International Association
of Hydrogeologists
 IAWD logo International Association
of Water Supply
Companies in the Danube
River Catchment Area
 ICPDR logo International Commission
for Protection of the
Danube River(ICPDR)
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