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The SEE River Project is implemented through a partnership of experts representing 26 institutions from 12 countries of South-Eastern and Central Europe. The leading partner is the Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia. The ˝Jaroslav Černi˝ Institute for the Development of Water Resources, Serbia, is the so-called ˝10% partner˝ in the Project. The SEE River Project is funded by the ˝South-Eastern Europe – Transnational Cooperation Programme˝. The Project duration is from October 2012 to November 2014, with a budget of 2.1 million euros.

SEE River Project is intended to reach a common agreement on river corridor management for harmonisation of both – development and conservation interests. This will be achieved by close cooperation of experts from wide range of fields from different countries and active involvement of stakeholders from local river areas and national or regional authorities. The project is introducing a new approach to river and land management by focusing on the river corridor as the selected, local river area where most pressures occur.
Project activities and findings will result in the SEE River Toolkit, a generally applicable and innovative model and guidance on how to reach future sustainable use of river corridors by taking into account and harmonizing different stakeholder interests. To develop and implement the SEE River Toolkit, project research, field work and active involvement of stakeholders will be performed in river corridors of 6 SEE rivers: Drava, Bodrog, Neretva, Prut, Soča and Vjosa.

Full project name: Sustainable Integrated Management of International River Corridors in SEE Countries /Lead partner: Institute for Water of the Republic of Slovenia / Value: 2,107,354.30 EUR / Funding: South-East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme / Duration:October 2012 to Novembеr 2014 /

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