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Together with 15 partners from Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Albania and Greece the Institute for water resources development "Jaroslav Černi", participates in DRINKADRIA (Networking for Drinking Water Supply in Adriatic Region) project. Accomplishment of the main project objective - IMPROVEMENT OF THE CROSS – BORDER/ REGIONAL WATER SUPPLY SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT will be fulfilled by diverse activities and reaching their outputs. Moreover, development of the protocol and web platform for experience and knowledge share among the stakeholders, project partners and public are the benefits for the water supply systems security within the project area and beyond.

Implementation of specific actions and measures proposed for selected pilot sites in seven countries will contribute significantly to this unique project that addresses issues associated with management of cross- border water supply systems management.
EU - IPA Adriatic Cross Border Cooperation 2007-2013 program, provides financial support for the project. The implementation of DRINKADRIA project started in December 2013 and project closure is in March 2016.
During the project implementation, the proposal of the potential solutions for the issues relevant for the cross-border/regional water supply systems. The issues identified by project partners are network losses, infrastructure ageing, low economic efficiency, and increase in demand, climate change consequences and significant seasonal fluctuations in water use.
Project is focused on cross – border and specific regional water resources used as a sources for drinking water supply within the IPA Adriatic region. Specific considerations are given to management of cross-border/regional drinking water supply systems, climate change effects, and socio-economic aspects regarding sustainable long-term water management based on water demand and water availability within the region.



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