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The international conference on Climate and Global Change Impacts on Water Resources will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, on 17 and 18 of October 2013, hosted by the UNESCO Category II Centre for Water and Adaptation to CC. The IC will contribute to the UNESCO IHP Eighth Phase: Water Security: Responses to Local, Regional and Global Challenges.




The impacts of weather variability and climatic change on water resources management are many and complex. Compounded by overexploitation of water resources, population growth, industrialization, urbanization and pollution, they generate immense pressures on water resources. Additionally, socioeconomic changes are contributing prominently to the complexity of contemporary water resources management. As a result, the challenges to meet demand in water resources are increasing in many countries around the world. Contemporary water resources management has to consider pressures, impacts and global challenges, given that they influence all aspects of society and economy, and to combine sustainable and adaptive measures and practices to combat complex issues.

Diverse procedures and analyses comprise climate change research, e.g. different statistical methods for observed data, global circulation models, etc. The magnitudes of changes in hydrometeorological parameters are evaluated for annual, seasonal, monthly and daily data at regional, national and local levels. The results are utilized for a better understanding of climate change impacts on water resources and recommendations for various adaption measures, both technical and non-technical.

Climate and global change impacts on water resources impel human society to act at all levels that would result in knowledge increase and update among experts, reinforced encouragement for the application of different research methodologies through North-South cooperation, improvement of forecast accuracy, support for policy development and capacity building.

The Conference Topics will address
  1. Climate Change (CC) and Global Changes (GC): factors that cause them, observed changes and predictions;
  2. Impact of GC on Water Resources (WR) - observed changes and different prediction methodologies (importance of data quality, cooperation and monitoring; impact of different factors on river discharges and trends e.g.: CC in meteorological data, various human activities and influences on water resources, land use changes, etc.);
  3. Water scarcity (water use and agriculture under the GC; adaptation measures for water management; frameworks and policies);
  4. WR management under the GC conditions (regional and transboundary river basin management; floods; role of ecosystem services, etc.).

Conference Goals

  1. Increase and update of knowledge among  experts  dealing with above mentioned topics and support and promotion for the application of different CC and GC research methodologies through North-South cooperation;
  2. Establish new opportunities to reinforce scientific and business opportunities with respect to different methodologies within the SEE region and beyond;
  3. Improve forecast accuracy for average annual changes in climatic parameters and water resources in the near future, and advance confidence in extreme weather predictions in hydrometeorological variables and resulting changes in water resources in the near future;
  4. Revise different possibilities and solutions to combat CC and GC challenges to water resources management in the near future and awareness raising among the general public and professionals on potential CC  adaptation measures, and communicate information on CC and GC through North-South cooperation among different stakeholders;
  5. Address the importance of policy development and capacity building  for  CC and GC adaptation measures.


The working language of the Conference is English.
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