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Day 1: 08 September 2011.

Time Main Hall
8:00 Registration of attendees
9:00-9:10 Introduction (Milan Dimkić – Goals of Conference, etc.)
9:10-9:45 Welcome addresses
IWA – Executive Director – Paul Reiter
Serbian Minister for Water Management
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts (SANU) – Nikola Hajdin, President
UNESCO - Salvatore D' Angelo

ICPDR – Philip Weller
IAWD – Vladimir Taušanović
Serbian Minister for Science
9:45-10:00 Musical programme
10:00-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-11:30 Walter Kling (IWA): The work of IWA - a global and regional approach
11:30-12:00 Milan Dimkić (Theme 2): Implications of Oxic Conditions In Alluvial Groundwater
12:00-12:30 Philip Weller (ICPDR), Igor Liska (ICPDR): Groundwater issues in light of the Water Framework Directive in the Danube River Basin
12:30-13:00 Hans Sailer (IAWD): The Development of the Water Law in Austria since 1945
13:00-13:30 Gunther Bloshl (Austria): Climate change and water resources - the Austrian experience
13:30-15:00 Lunch break
15:00-15:25 Ezzat Raiesi (Iran): Ancient and present groundwater management in Iran
15:25-15:50 Zoran Stevanović (IAH): International Asociation of Hydrogeologists (IAH) – The Worldwide Groundwater
15:50-16:15 Edward Mc Bean (Canada): Groundwater in the Developing World: An Assessment of Sustainability in a Climate Changing World
16:15-16:40 Heinz-Jürgen Brauch (Germany): Occurrence and Fate of New Pesticide Metabolites in Groundwater in Germany

Coffee break

17:10-17:35 Johannes Grath, Balázs Horváth (EU Commission): CIS Working Group Groundwater – cooperation for implementation of WFD and GWD (first results, current state and next steps)
17:35-18:00 Claudia Castell-Exner (DVGW, EUREAU): Climate Change and Water Supply - consequences of climate change and potential adaptation strategies
18:00-18:25 Vladimir Rojanschi, et al.: The Need For New Concepts In Urban Hydrology In The Context Of “Climate Change”
18:25-18:50 Doris van Halem (The Netherlands): Accumulated deposits near subsurface iron removal wells: do they catalyze the Fe2+ removal process?
19:30-22:00 Official Dinner

Day 2: 09 September 2011.
Time Main Hall
9:00-9:25 Andreas Scheidleder, Igor Liska: Management of Transboundary Groundwater Bodies under ICPDR
9:25-9:50 Ognjen Bonacci: Groundwater resources under stress caused by global change
9:50-10:15 Hans Zojer: Innovation and Efficiency for Groundwater Management Challenges for European Policy
10:15-10:40 Michael Samek: The current Status of Groundwater Management in Austria
10:40-11:05 Milan Dimkić, et al.: Progress and Improvement of the Status of Groundwater in Serbia
11:05-11:30 Coffee Break
Time Main Hall (T2) Hall A (T1) Hall B (T3, T4)
11:30-12:00 Christan Menz: Impact of Well Operation on Iron Related Clogging in Unconsolidated Quaternary Aquifers in Berlin, Germany Dušan Đurić, et al.: Groundwater in the Tisza River Basin Management Plan Gerhard Kuschnig, et al.: Climate Changes and Water Supply in Southeastern Europe - The Project CC-Waters
12:00-12:20 Florian R. Storck, et al.: Effects of boundary conditions on the cleaning efficiency of riverbank filtration and artificial groundwater recharge systems regarding bulk parameters and trace pollutants Cisotto Alberto, et al.: Characterization of the Veneto High Plain’s unsaturated aquifer for the Water Balance Tool of the Life + Project TRUST (North East Italy) A. Bettin, et al.: Management of coastal aquifers under climate change scenario, outline of remediation actions to control salt intrusion
12:20-12:40 M. Dimkić, et al.: The Effect of Certain Biochemical Factors on Well Clogging Under Suboxic and Mildly Anoxic Conditions M. Azizur Rahman, et al.: Assessment of groundwater level decline of a stressed aquifer in Bangladesh using historical data Dejan Dimkić, et al.: Hydrological Trends of Rivers in Central And Eastern Serbia as the First Indicator of Potential Future Capacities of Certain Alluvial Water Sources
12:40-13:00 Ernest Mayr, et al.: Drinking water abstraction by bank filtration – state of the research and practice reviewed by systematic literature - matrix Christine Kübeck, et al.: Model based quality management of groundwater resources – catchment area Liedern, Germany Dejan Dimkić, et al.: Climate Change Impacts on Alluvial Water Sources in The Pek River Catchment Area
13:00-13:20 Suzi Levi, et al.: Aerobic degradation potential of the herbicides mecoprop, dichlorprop and bentazone in groundwater from chalk aquifers Donatella Caniani, et al.: Fuzzy logic and sensitivity analysis for the classification of groundwater pollution risk Zoran Stevanović, et al.: Karst aquifer as a „buffer“ for climate variations and changes
13:20-13:40 Valentine Uwamariya, et al.: Effect of phosphate on chromium removal from groundwater by iron oxide based adsorbents Florian Grigore-Rădulescu, et al.: The Evolution of the Romanian Ground Water Quality Legislation Mirjana Vojinović-Miloradov, et al.: Chemical Reactions in Aquatic Phase of Heterogeneous Landfill System
13:40-14:00 Presentation of Main Sponsors
14:00-15:20 Lunch Break
15:20-15:40 Jantinus H. Bruins, et al.: Critical review of manganese removal from groundwater: an overview of 100 manganese removal treatment plants Emil Radu, Catalina Radu: Lithological and Hydrogeological Considerations on the Phreatic Aquifer From Bega - Timis Interfluve, Banat Plain, Romania, with Special Regard to the Unsaturated Zone (Project CC-Waters) Helmut Kroiss: Micropollutants in Waste Water
15:40-16:00 Doris van Halem, et al.: Subsurface iron and arsenic removal for drinking water production: influence of the multi-component groundwater matrix Anja Randjelović, et al.: Influence of Aquitard Parameters Uncertainty on the Aquifer Recharge Yann Lotram, et al.: Transfer of pollutants from an old urban landfill: physical and chemical characterization
16:00-16:20 A.Salifu, et al.: Fluoride occurrence in groundwater in the Northern region of Ghana Giuliano Tevi, Anca Tevi: Remote sensing and GIS techniques for assessment of the soil water content in order to improve the agricultural practice and reduce the impact on groundwater – case study, Agricultural area Ştefan cel Mare, Călăraşi County Nada Miljević, et al.: Evaluation of the origin of nitrate influencing of water source Ključ, Serbia
16:20-17:00 Coffee Break
17:00-17:20 Marta Hernandez: Fate of emerging pollutants in Llobregat River water under controlled redox conditions: results of batch experiments and first results in field test site Nicolae Pitu, Alexandru Verioti: Subsurface aquifers in South Dobrudja and their evolution in last 40/50 years Ivan Matić, et al.: The impact of sand open pit “Jakovačka Kumša” on groundwater in a part of Belgrade source
17:20-17:40 Petar Papić, et al.: Water quality as indicator of hydrogeological conditions: A case of Belgrade groundwater source Rastko Petrović, Dušan Polomčić: Ecological Aspect of Sustainable Development of the Municipality of Lapovo Srđan Rončević, et al.: Evaluation of anthropogenic influences on groundwater supplies to the city of Novi Sad (Serbia)
17:40-18:00 Tanja Radović,et al.: Pharmaceutical Residues in Danube River basin in Serbia – a two year survey Dragan Vidović, et al.: Computing well-driven groundwater flow with a finite volume method Beata Fridrich, Božo Dalmacija: Organic xenobiotics in first layer of groundwater near pig farms
18:00-18:20 Kažić I., et al.: Bacterial population of water from the water cooler outlets in function of consumption parameters Tatjana Vasiljević, et al.: Methods for Monitoring of Pesticide Residues in Water: Current Status and Recent Trends Andjelka Tomašević, et al.: Photocatalytic degradation study of the insecticide methomyl in aqueous suspension of TiO2
18:30-19:00 Concluding Session/Closing Ceremony


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