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General Status of Groundwater Management in the Danube River Basin and Other River Basins
• An insight into the role of groundwater in the water supply by country or river basin;

• An overview of natural groundwater resources, basic hydrogeologic media from which groundwater is abstracted and the level of groundwater protection;

• An overview of groundwater abstraction from major sources;

• The socio-economic framework for the operators of groundwater sources;

• Implementation of WFD.
Problems of Groundwater Source Management and Maintenance
• Technical problems encountered in the management and maintenance of groundwater sources, primarily maintenance and ageing of structures (physicochemical and biochemical clogging of drainage structures, abstraction methods, screen selection, design as it addresses ageing of drainage structures, biochemical clogging inhibitors, rate of ageing, methods and effectiveness of regeneration);

• Problems of overexploitation;

• Financing, subsidizing, cost recovery, pricing;

• Public: demand for sustainability, affordability, open planning and public participation (WDF):

• Role of the legislation in the sustainable use of groundwater control of human activities.
Bank Filtration and Artificial Recharge
• Bank filtration (maintenance of structures, regeneration of drainage structures, riverbed clogging due to intensive abstraction, interaction between community and water source, other relevant issues);

• Artificial recharge (layouts of artifi cial recharge water sources, problems relating to the maintenance, operating potential of the water source and repercussions on the effectiveness and maintenance, operating costs, effectiveness of the water source, other relevant issues).
Natural Attenuation and Aquifer Restoration
• Purifying Potential of an aquifer;

• Biochemical transformation of groundwater quality and and/or contaminants;

• Dispersion/mixing in aquifers;

• Groundwater remediation technologies;

• Antropoghenic changes in groundwater chemistry (BOD, Redox, etc.);

• Assessment of vulnerability of aquifers;

• Standards and thresholds depending on vulnerability of aquifers for controlling discharge and the concentration of pollutant.
Tools for Status Assessment
• Monitoring of quantity and quality of groundwater resources - early warning systems;

• Risk assessment;

• Mathematical modelling supporting estimation of available groundwater resources, design of abstraction sites, forecast on spreading of pollution and the related danger of receptors, remediation of polluted aquifer and monitoring.

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