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the call for papers document
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I About the Regional Conference: Groundwater Management in the Danube River Basin and Other Large River Basins
What is the main purpose of the Regional Conference: Groundwater Management in the Danube River Basin and Other Large River Basins?
The Conference should lend interactive support to the achievement of the Danube River Basin Management Plan (ICPDR), the gathering and joint work of water services in the Danube River Basin (IAWD), and the interaction between the IAWD and ICPDR.
When and where will the Conference happen?
Regional Conference: Groundwater Management in the Danube River Basin and Other Large River Basins events will be hosted June 7-9. 2007. at the Congress Center ”Sava Centar”in Belgrade.
How to get to the Congress Center ”Sava Centar”?
Please, see the map for the Conference location.
What are the Conference topics?
Theme 1: General Status of Ground water Management in the Danube River Basin and Other River Basins
Theme 2: Problems of Groundwater Source Management and Maintenance
Theme 3: Bank Filtration and Artificial Recharge
Theme 4: Natural Attenuation and Aquifer Restoration
Theme 5: Tools for Status Assessment

For more details, please see First Announcement and Call for Papers.
What is the Conference Time Schedule?
For more details, please see Programme page.
What are the working languages of the Conference?
The working language of the Conference will be English.
Who are the main organizers of the Conference?
Technical organization of the Conference:
• “Jaroslav Cerni” Institute for the Development of Water Resources;
• Belgrade Water Supply and Sanitation Public Company;
• International Water Association (IWA);
• International Association of Water Supply Companies in the Danube River Catchment Area (IAWD);
• International Commission for Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR);
• Association for Water Technology and Sanitary Engineering;
• Yugoslav Water Pollution Control Society.
Who are the main sponsors of the Conference?
The main sponsors are Government of the Republic of Serbia and Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.
What is the Conference dress code?
Dress for the Conference is business casual.
What other event are being put on during the Conference?
• Technical exhibition will be held during the Conference, at the same venue. Professionals involved in groundwater management and protection will have an opportunity to present their products and techniques.
• Third day of Conference Field trip (to Niš, to Iron Gate, or Belgrade by boat) will be organized.
II About registration
What is the deadline for the Conference preliminary registration?
Participants are requested to submit Preliminary Registration Forms to the Conference Organizers no later then 1 February 2007.
How do I register for the Conference?
How do I know my Conference registration is confirmed?
Why am I having trouble registering online?
How do I cancel my registration?
What does it cost to attend the Conference?
High-Income countries
Low-Income countries

For early bid registration (up to February 1, 2007), registration fees for High-Income Countries will be reduced by 50 Euros and for Low-Income Countries by 25 Euros.
What does my registration fee include?
I have already registered, but I am bringing my spouse. Does she/he have to register separately?
III About submission of Abstract and Full papers
What is the procedure for Submission of Abstracts and Full Papers?
Submission of Abstracts
Papers for Theme 1 will be invited and authors will be jointly selected by the national head of delegation to the ICPDR and leading country representative to the IAWD. Participants intending to present papers for the Themes 2-5 should submit 2 pages outline papers in English, by regular or electronic mail no later than 10 October 2006.

Submission of Full Papers
Authors will be notified of acceptance by 25 December 2006, and full papers should be submitted by 31 March 2007. Full manuscripts should be in Microsoft Word format, no more then 8 A4 pages conforming to Water Science and Technology guidelines. Full manuscripts will be reviewed for their suitability for both the Conference Proceedings and in the IWA Publishing journal Water Science and Technology: Water Supply.

Poster sessions will be held in additional to oral presentations. Poster papers will also be published in the Proceedings.
What are the key dates?
September, 30 2006
Deadline for submission of abstracts for oral presentation and posters
December, 25 2006
Authors notified of selection
March, 31 2007
Deadline for submissions of full papers
January, 25 2007
Deadline for early bid registration
How can I invite my colleague or partner to the Regional Conference: Groundwater Management in the Danube River Basin and Other Large River Basins?
IV About accommodation and field trips
Do I pay for the accommodation separately from the registration?
What Belgrade hotel should I stay during the Conference?
How can I book the room?
When are the field trips?
The field trips (which are optional) will be organized on the third day of the Conference.
Does my Conference registration fee include attendance at the field trip?

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